Australian Solar Cities: Adelaide and Townsville


We've been a bit slack in updating progress in the Australian Solar Cities, a $75 million AUD initiative to trial solar power and energy efficiency programs in four grid-connected metropolises. Fitting though that the first official designated city would be South Australia's capital, Adelaide—it was founded 170 years ago by Colonel William Light! The nitty gritty? 1,700 solar photovoltaic panels will end up on homes and commercial buildings — a doubling of South Australia's current photovoltaic capacity. 7000 smart meters will be installed that, "together with fairer pricing structures, will help people monitor their energy use and save electricity." 40,000 energy efficiency and information packages to be distributed. If all this comes to pass, they expect a 9 megawatt cut in peak electricity demand, meaning less power plant capacity requiring funding. This is said to represent $5 million AUD a year in lower electricity costs. A reduction 30,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year, with a further cut of more than 500,000, should a take-up of Green Power is achieved. Apparently this will be equal to taking 80% of the area's car fleet off the road. Can't be bad. Meshes well with Adelaide's companion plan to be recognised as a Green City, of which the above pictured solar-powered street lighting form a part. The second city announced as a Solar City is Queensland's Townsville. They'll get $15 million AUD from the Australian Government to instal solar panels on 500 homes and businesses, which when combined with other measures its figured to
cut the city's greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes. ::Solar Cities.