Australian Military Go Solar in The Northern Territory

Was wonderful to read that the Australian military were embracing solar, with a $2.5 million AUD installation completed, at a training facility in the Northern Territory outback. However, a bit of head scratching resulted, upon discovering this sizeable investment was only powering "two houses and a major office block." Sure hope that is a significantly 'major' office block. But either way, it all adds up to a growing bank of solar energy sites in the NT. For example, in a 3.5 year period up to last year, 214 renewable energy projects had received assistance from a rebate program, ...... being 140 power supply and 74 water pumping systems. Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology installed during that period, many of which displace diesel generator use, are expected to save "an estimated 1.6 million litres of diesel fuel per annum. This equates to about 4390 tonnes of greenhouse gas savings per year." The pic here shows such an array, this one near the tourist mecca of Kings Canyon. And given that we get some truly serious sun out there, it would be silly not to be rolling these projects, as quick as they can. Via ::ABC Online and ::Northern Territory Government