Aurora Solar Car Sets Another Record

Establishing world records, like that of the longest solar car journey (13,054 km or 8,111 miles) - around Australia in 24 days - is all in the game for the Aurora Solar Car team. So, we can belately advise you they have another first under their belt. Not 24 days this time but 24 hours. In this single continuous marathon period, over New Year's Eve, they managed to efficiently eke the performance of the car, to cover 1,255 km (780 miles). Their lightweight battery, combined with skillful driving, sneaked them through a long night and seemingly endless cloud cover. The average speed over this time was 52.3km/hr (32.5 m/hr) but speeds much faster were obtained. It's a car unlikely to ever been seen parked in your driveway, but it does demonstrate what is possible. This streamlined, technological marvel of a prototype challenges us all to seek out better answers. ::Aurora Solar [by WM]