Are Solar Chargers Turning Into Flowers? Beautiful iPetals Concept May Set Trend

ipetals solar charger image

Images via Petitvention

Designers seem to be setting a new trend for solar chargers, turning small scale renewable gadget charging into something resembling a bouquet of flowers. Hot on the heals of the Sunny Flower solar charger concept we showed off in September comes the iPetal, a design strikingly similar, and perhaps establishing a trend for stylish solar. The designer notes that the Sunny Flower concept was the inspiration for iPetals, a charger made specifically for iPhones.

ipetals solar charger image

The petals of the charger spread to gather light. But here's where the leg-up on the Sunny Flower comes in. The petals then collapse into a stand for the iPhone.

ipetals solar charger image

Nice touch. While this isn't currently in production mode, or even close to it, we love the concept and want to see more stylishly floral chargers like this come to market.

Via Earthtechling
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