Akeena Solar and Morgan Stanley Create More Green Jobs

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Today Akeena Solar and Morgan Stanley Solar Solutions Group announced their partnership, aimed at creating more jobs in the green-energy field, as well as improve the lives of low-income homeowners. But, Akeena Solar AC integrated solar panels also make it easier for first time installers to learn the system and get a job. Find out how. For the next two years, all MSSSG projects will exclusively use Akeena panels, on both low-income housing projects and new housing developments slated for construction. Morgan Stanley will pay for the panels and installation, and then offer low, fixed-rate "Power Purchase Agreement" (PPA) financing for homeowners looking to put solar on their homes.

Next month, the two will start construction in California on the first of over 200 solar projects on low-income housing installations planned throughout the United States. While many solar companies are having a hard time staying afloat in this economy, despite the injections of funding for green power, this is one plan to not only keep solar going, but also create jobs and help homeowners who could definitely use a break in utility bills.

As for new jobs, the AC integrated solar panels are a great way for new solar techs to break into the field. Typical photovoltaic systems are fairly complex, but the AC integrated panels eliminate about 80% of the parts, making it easier for a first time installer to get a hang of the system. :Akeena Solar and Morgan Stanley Solar Solutions Group
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