Cone-Shaped Spinning Solar Cells Claim to Generate 20x More Electricity

Anyone knows to get the most out of a solar cell it needs to be angled at the sun. And anyone knows that to generate the most energy all day, a solar cell has to be able to rotate with the movement of the sun. Thus, the creation of V3Solar's Spin Cell which the company states can boost the amount of solar electricity generated in a day by a factor of 20 when compared to a flat panel with the same area of PV cells.

Gizmag reports, "The V3 Spin Cell actually features two cones, one made up of hundreds of triangular PV cells and a static hermetically-sealed outer lens concentrator comprising a series of interlocking rings and a number of tubular lenses spaced equally around the outside surface. According to V3Solar (previously Solarphasec), the Spin Cell's cone has been set at an angle of 56 percent to enable capture of the sun's light at more angles than flat PV panels, which negates the need for separate tracking systems and also accommodates the different angles of the sun throughout the year."

Here is an animation showing off the design:

Vaporware, or the next big thing for solar power? Time, and of course testing, will tell, but we're leaning toward the former. Hopefully we're proven wrong and this design somehow manages to move us forward in solar.

Cone-Shaped Spinning Solar Cells Claim to Generate 20x More Electricity
A design for a cone-o-solar that spins to collect sunlight aims to be the next big thing for the solar industry.

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