50MW Solar Farm Plan Grows to 400MW Due to Low Costs

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Earlier this week I posted about how the solar industry can continue ferocious cost reductions, and there are plenty of advocates predicting a solar energy tipping point in the not too distant future. But we are already seeing signs that falling prices are leading to increased uptake. Renewable Energy World, for example, reports that when CPS Energy, the municipal utility for San Antonio, Texas, invited bids for a 50MW solar plant, they were so delighted with the pricing that they upgraded the plan eight-fold to 400MW. This initiative alone marks a staggering increase in the utilities solar energy capacity:

The utility's portfolio currently includes nuclear, coal, natural gas, wind and a small amount of solar. The current solar capacity stands at 14 MW with a signed contract for another 30 MW. An additional 400 MW would represent about 6 percent of its current total capacity, but it would position San Antonio at the forefront of the renewable energy market -- a stated goal for the company.

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