50% Extra Free on Solar Installations: Solarcentury Moves Us Closer to the Tipping Point


UK solar company Solarcentury is one of those companies that just keeps on cropping up on TreeHugger. Most recently we've covered their work to get part-funded solar panels to schools, and their collaboration with Barclaycard to even provide them free for a select few learning establishments. We've also written about their expansion to Spain, and once upon a time we even interviewed Jeremy Leggett, the company's CEO, who also happens to be a leading peak oil expert and former oil man. Now we see from Solarcentury's website that, for a limited period of time, they are offering lucky customers the chance to get 50% more capacity on solar installations free of charge:

"For a limited time only, leading solar solutions provider Solarcentury is offering its customers the opportunity to generate 50% more energy, for free. By purchasing a 36 solar photovoltaic roof tile system for the price of a 24-tile system, customers can save £3,514 and increase their electricity generation. The offer is only available until 31st September so those who are interested need to act quickly. Available through selected builders' merchants and direct to housebuilders from Solarcentury, each system comes with everything needed to start generating clean electricity straight away; 36 C21e solar roof tiles and fixings, a grid connected inverter and DC isolators, a kilowatt hour generation meter, a wireless personal display and DC cabling."

Any offer like this that can significantly increase the uptake of solar energy can only be a good thing. As more households install solar systems, more people will become aware of their potential. Eventually, we hope, there will be a tipping point where home generation capacity becomes the next 'must have' feature on your house. Solarcentury seem to be thinking along similar lines, as Jeremy Leggett explained: "We developed this offer in order to elevate awareness of the ease with which solar power is achievable. Combining a significant saving in the initial capital outlay the increased size of system available also enables buyers to increase the energy they can generate by 50%, making the savings two-fold." ::Solarcentury:: via site visit::

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