Solar Powered Hat and Gloves Concept Keeps You Warm in Winter

solar hat concept image
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Images via Design Boom

Yiran Qian from Germany dreamed up "Endless Warm," a concept for solar cells integrated into hats and gloves to help keep the wearer warm. Finally solar clothing designs that are cute! The idea was submitted to Design Boom's Green Life design competition, and we love how the fair isle design makes solar power actually adorable.
From what we can tell, the solar cells would bring in just enough power to run some sort of heating device in the hat and gloves - perhaps thin wiring like an electric blanket, but on a smaller scale. If the accessories are run directly off sunlight, without the need for a bulky battery pack to store energy, then these would be practical - and stylish!

solar gloves image

The problems, of course, are that a) so far we still need some sort of battery pack to harness solar power and then send it out to wires that heat up the hat and gloves, and b) if it's cold enough to need a winter hat and gloves, the odds of having strong enough sunlight to make them work are lessened - though hopefully these wouldn't need all that much energy to run anyway and they'd work even in weak winter sunlight.

Slightly more sustainable than the USB heated gloves or those odd rechargeable foot warmers, this concept is a neat idea for keeping warm in the winter. Too bad it's still just a concept.