Solar Powered Bikini

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Treehugger readers seem to love photos and posts about sexy underwear and bikinis--so let's try this one--a solar powered bikini. Whilst lying in the sun and baking, you can charge up your cell phone, ipod and digital camera. It comes with a USB drinks cooler—once plugged in it will act as a chiller for your can of organic lemonade. The photovoltaic film panels allow a fashionable fit while supplying the 6.5 volts. Just in case you want to make your own here is how to do it: "the suit is a standard medium-sized bikini swimsuit retrofitted with 1" x 4" photovoltaic film strips sewn together in series with conductive thread. The cells terminate in a female USB connection and whatever circuitry necessary to ensure proper output voltage. (i.e. 5v voltage regulator)". Not sure what happens when you want to take a dip in the sea :: Hippy Shopper