Solar Power at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon gets plenty of sun, so it only makes sense that its visitor center is powered by it. (Photo: Michael Quinn/National Parks Service/Wikimedia Commons)

Arizona's abundant sunshine makes it the perfect place for new solar projects. The latest Arizona solar project making news is the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. With 260+ days of sunlight each year and more than four million visitors annually, the Grand Canyon Visitor Center is an ideal location for a solar power project.

"Visitors to Arizona's most recognizable feature, the Grand Canyon, will now have the opportunity to enjoy the states second most recognizable feature, sunshine," said Barbara Lockwood, APS' Manager of Renewable Energy. "The value of this system goes beyond the economic savings realized at the Center. It is an educational tool as well as a way to increase Arizona's visibility as a leader in solar energy." Source: Arizona Public Service

Solar project statistics:

  • The project consists of 84 photovoltaic solar panels
  • Expected electricity production of 18 kilowatts
  • Operational in March
  • Real-time visual display of electricity generated from the panels
  • Solar energy educational exhibit inside the center

The solar panels won't provide electricity directly to the building but will allow the visitor center to offset approximately 30% of its annual power usage.

via [GreenerBuildings]