This $10 Inflatable Solar LED Lantern Belongs in Your Emergency Kit


This lightweight inflatable LED light is ultra-compact, waterproof, and solar-powered, and can function as a lantern, flashlight, or emergency flasher.

The latest offering from the company behind Luci, the inflatable solar lantern shining a light on energy poverty, is an affordable emergency light that is designed to illuminate just about any adventure, planned or unplanned.

The Luci EMRG, from MPOWERD, is a 4" x 4" LED lantern that weighs just 2.5 oz and collapses down to 1" tall for storage or transport, and features 4 LED bulbs powered by a lithium polymer battery, which is charged with a small (75mA) built-in solar panel.

Luci EMRG LED lantern

© MPOWERDEach full charge of the battery requires about 8 hours of sunlight, and will last for about 7 hours of light, making the EMRG a great alternative to other emergency lighting alternatives, such as candles or kerosene lanterns.

The four LED bulbs are said to deliver up to 25 lumens, which is enough to light a small room (10' x 10'), and the phthalate free PVC housing is shatterproof and waterproof (submersible to 1 meter), as well as being compact enough to fit into a glovebox, bugout bag, or emergency kit. The company says the LiFePO4 battery will retain 95% charge per month when in storage, and is rated for up to 3000 charge cycles, which works out to about 10 years of daily use.

The Luci EMRG will be available for $9.99 beginning January 20 on the company's website, and at other retailers shortly afterward,