Solar Ibex Cooker Is High Tech Version of Low Tech Stove

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Image via Yanko

Solar cookers can be super simple devices -- just a cardboard box with some aluminum foil lining and a plastic cover. Or, they can be very high tech, and such is the case with the Solar Ibex Cooker concept from designer Nir Beit-av. This particular cooker has a lot of built in technology that can keep your pot boiling all day long.

solar ibex cooker image

The Solar Ibex has a built in solar panel and motors that keep it rotating to track the sun across the sky, so that it can keep your food cooking at as high as 300 degrees Celsius. It can cook, boil or bake, depending on your needs.

It can also pack up into a tiny portable package, making it easy for campers and mountaineers to take it on treks. As the website states, "Excellent at base camp for climbing expeditions, alpine refugios and remote settlements. The use of Solar Ibex for prolonged periods saves overall weight. It does not rely on depleting resources, and reduces fuel consumption and its logistics costs."

solar ibex cooker image

Of course if you didn't want or need something so fancy, you can always DIY something, even using old CDs. And we even have a few recipes for you to try out, from beans and rice to pork with grapes.
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