Solaleya Makes Weird Houses Feel Normal

soladeya dome model photo

Solaleya makes highly efficient homes. They showed off their designs at West Coast Green last week. The thing is, they look a bit like landed UFOs. Not that dome houses are exactly new, but they also aren't the most common of house forms.

Even so, I have to admit I totally wanted to live in one by the time I finished listening in about their designs at their booth on the tradeshow floor. Solaleya's designs are pretty darn cool from the inside and out. First, they're safe - the domed structure is highly earthquake and hurricane resistant. The shape also helps with air circulation, providing better air flow and heat regulation.

We recentlytalked about cool rotating buildings, and we can add this one to the list because yes, you can get a spinning version. The rotating Harmonique design can imperceptibly rotate to maximize sun exposure for heating and cooling.

Efficiency, elegance, green you get to live in a landed UFO!