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Tom Talks: Southern Company 2019 Recap and 2020 Outlook

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Tom Fanning podcast

Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning for years has advocated relentless communication as a key component of his leadership style. Part of that strategy is recognizing that different people process information differently, so it is important to use all different types of media to reach the greatest number of people in a most effective way

Therefore, Southern Company introduced Tom Talks, a monthly podcast featuring the CEO, hosted on the SOPOD Network. The Tom Talks podcast is produced monthly and includes various guests and topics. Listeners will gain candid insights regarding our company, industry and other relevant subjects.

In his first episode, Tom discussed his leadership style, his motivations. The CEO even shed light on some of his favorite pastimes and personal experiences. In his final podcast for 2019, Tom discusses company highlights from the past year to include Vogtle 3 and 4, third quarter earnings and reactions to rate cases.

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