Stay in touch! A note to our Google Reader users

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This note goes out to the TreeHugger readers who subscribe to our RSS feed through Google Reader. So, if you don't use Google Reader, nothing will change and you can skip to our next story.

For those who are Google Reader users, you probably know the service will be shutting down on Monday, July 1. This is a gentle reminder that now is the time to find an alternative service so that you don't miss any of our great stories.

How to Switch from Google Reader

If you're looking for a replacement to Google Reader, Feedly has emerged as a favorite free contender. They have a helpful post about how to migrate to their service here.

More Ways to Follow TreeHugger

If migrating seems like too much hassle, you have the option of signing up for our daily or weekly newsletters, delivered hot off the press to your inbox. We also share our stories and the best green news from around the web on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr daily. Or you can check out the TreeHugger Social page to see what we're posting on all these social outlets without leaving!

There are many ways to stay in touch, we hope you find one that works for you!

Stay in touch! A note to our Google Reader users
Google Reader is gone on July 1, but our RSS feed isn't going anywhere.