Social Distancing Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Stick Together

©. Jake Tobin Garrett

A lesson in coexistence.

Jake Tobin Garrett is a writer, an illustrator, and a 'park nerd'. He's known to TreeHugger for his citizen activism, fighting the takeover of public space for private interests. We wrote a couple of years ago about how he used social media to raise awareness about one particular "privately owned, publicly accessible space," concluding:

A decade ago, Jake Tobin Garrett would have got precisely nowhere with his complaint. Now, within a week, we are within sight of taking back the street. This is a real lesson in the power of social media in modern activism.

Now we learn that he is also a mensch. He put up this note in his apartment building and tells Twitter:

Our building has lots of older folks. Here’s the note we’ve put up in case others wanna make their own.

Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t stick together.

His partner in this venture, Kurt, tweets:

Kristin Whiteley adds some good advice:

But this can be managed. These are the times where we should all pull together rather than pulling into our shells. Tip of the TreeHugger hat to Jake and Kurt.