SnapPower Guidelights Turn Outlet Covers Into LED Nightlights (Review)

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This plug-n-play LED night light is an easy-to-install safety light option for any standard outlet in your home, and uses just 10 cents of electricity per year.

When I first covered the SnapPower LED guidelights last February, the company was still in the pre-order phase, and since then, I've been surprised at how popular the article has been, considering that outlet covers and LED guidelights aren't exactly the sexiest technology around. However, SnapPower is a pretty sweet solution for an energy efficient safety/guide light which doesn't require any rewiring to install or batteries to operate, and which leaves the outlets themselves clear for other plugs, so it seems as if the company is hitting the mark with their product.

A month or so ago, a box of SnapPower guidelights showed up at my house as a show of gratitude from the company for covering their product before it launched, so I've gotten to spend some hands-on time with it. And after installing and using these LED safety lights for several weeks, I'm loving them. Not only are they bright enough to help illuminate your way through a dark house, using just a trickle of electricity, and are automatically controlled by an onboard light sensor, but they're also incredibly easy to install.

Here's my review of the SnapPower LED Guidelights:

Find out more, or order some for your home, at SnapPower.

[Disclosure: I received some SnapPower Guidelights from the company, but all opinions and/or errors in this post are mine alone.]