Smokestacks: How Does Your School Rate?

A factory pumps smoke out into a yellow sky.

As a parent concerned about the planet you probably go to great lengths to ensure that your children have access to the cleanest environment possible. But just how clean is the air at your child's school? USA TODAY released a new study today entitled, "The Smokestack Effect: Toxic Air and America’s Schools,” that takes a look at how emissions of toxic chemicals may affect the air at schools across the country. The report also shows how schools rank in their exposure to cancer-causing emissions and other toxic chemicals. USA TODAY based their findings on information reported to the government by 20,000 industrial plants.

Not surprisingly, the study found some of the most polluted air around schools in Ohio's notorious power-plant laden valley. So where does your child's school rank? Check out the study's school rankings map to find out. I'll be keeping my eye on this study and more importantly, what is being done about its results.