3 Compost Bins for Small Spaces

Geobin Composting System

Many people who are interested in composting do not do it because they think compost bins have to be large, smelly, rodent magnets and eyesores. If aesthetics are a major concern for you, a commercial compost bin may be the answer.

Here are three compost bins that are perfect for urbanites and people with limited space to devote to composting.

1. Geobin Composting System

The Geobin Composting System does not look like much, but its size and price point make it ideal for single apartment dweller that does not produce much organic waste. Perhaps someone with just some kitchen scraps, houseplant and container garden trimmings a year. It is adjustable so that it does not take up much space, and lightweight allowing you to move it with ease.

2. SoilSaver Compost Bin

soil saver compost bin

The Soilsaver compost bin is resistant to weather and UV rays, rust-free nylon fasteners, and features a locking lid to keep pests out and watering holes in the lid to keep the compost naturally moist inside. According to the Clean Air Gardening website, the design has been in production for more than 25 years and pretty popular. This black composting system is unobtrusive, and relatively attractive. It is recommended for a household of up to five people.

3. Aerobin Composter

Aerobin 400 Composter

The AeroBin is my dream composting bin. It looks like it could be a storage unit or a tank of some kind. The thermal insulation of this compost bin is said to help in breaking down biomass and gets hot enough that noxious weeds and seeds are killed. There is a leachate tank and tap at the bottom of the bin allowing you to drain out excess moisture.

I regularly speak with would-be composters who say their apartment building owner or condominium board would never approve a compost bin. For people in those situations the AeroBin would be ideal because it is rodent resistant, reportedly produces little odor, and sleek design masks what is going on inside.

An upcoming post will feature my favorite DIY composting bins from around the Internet. Do you have a commercially available compost bin you would recommend to others with small spaces?