Slow Biking Is Actually a Competitive Sport

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In the Netherlands it is actually a thing, to ride your bike as slowly as possible without falling over.

After writing In praise of the slow bike we learned via Twitter that there is actually a Slowbiking competition, run by Cycle Fun Productions in the Netherlands.

The aim of Slowbiking is to complete an eleven-meter track as slowly as possible. Your feet are not allowed to touch the ground and your bicycle needs to stay within the boundaries. Where today everyone races through traffic, completely occupied by music or their cellphones, there is Slowbiking to show us we can do it differently. It pushes us to take a breather and only have attention for balance and focus.

It is not exactly as exciting as the Tour de France but, as they say in the video, "It's still very exciting." It also teaches you agility on your bike, and focuses on balance. The crowd watching is not exactly going wild.

All these aspects combined create a fun and spontaneous gathering, and allow onlookers and competitors to slow down from their hectic lifestyle. Slowbiking is a fun way to make participants and visitors aware of our fast moving society and to encourage them to look at it from a different perspective.

It's just one of a number of activities put on by Cycle Fun Productions to promote cycling and to have fun. A host of a slowbiking event describes it:

I love that something so simple can have such a huge impact. People connect, are enthusiastic and participate. I also like the fact that everyone thinks, that’s easy... but once they try it they see that it’s more difficult than it looks! And I really enjoy it when random people take part in the music. Yes, the most special thing is that the audience participates in all different areas.

Seriously, the next time someone complains that I am clogging the bike lane by going too slowly, I am going to just yell back that I am practicing my competitive slowbiking.

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