Here's a Sure-Fire Way to Keep Squirrels Out of the Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are supposed to be for the birds, but we all know the real story: they attract as many squirrels as birds, if not more. To curtail members of the Sciurus genus from pilfering, we invest in all sorts of contraptions, but these crafty creatures don't give up easily. Sometimes, nothing will deter them.

Enter the Slinky.

This 60-year-old toy goes down stairs, sure, but it also stops squirrels from going up poles, as the video above demonstrates. Unable to get a grip on the pole, the squirrel grasps the Slinky — and boing! The squirrel tries and tries again, but it's no match for the Slinky.

While this trick may work for a while, we're sure the engineers at Squirrel HQ are hard at work on the Slinky problem. Looks like the human vs. squirrel arms race will continue.