The route of trash

Mona Miri

Mona Miri
Design / Urban Design
November 7, 2014

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fresh kills

credit: Mona Miri

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A guest post by Mona Miri, who wrote for TreeHugger a few years ago; her recent work addresses the issue of waste, a regular subject on the site. Mona Miri has worked as a photographer for more than 10 years, translating her unique perspective of the environment onto traditional film and digital images.

New York City and its surrounding boroughs generate an estimate of 12,000 tons of garbage everyday.

Not only does that need removal and more pollution and emission in the air but more space to disperse of the garbage.
Space is running out and very soon. The Fresh Kill Landfill, one of the largest which New York City used as it's main Landfill for many generations closed down in 2008 with max capacity and polluted land, was capped, and now turned into a park.