Hey Silicon Valley nerds designing the city of the future: Here are some ideas

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broadacre city
credit: Frank Lloyd Wright: Broadacre City

Broadacre City

Recently TreeHugger wrote about how Silicon Valley geeks plan to reinvent our cities. TreeHugger has been covering the urban design scene for years, always looking for the best designs for the bright green city of the future, many of which were thought about decades ago. To help the team imagine the future, here are some visions from the past.

Surprisingly, we have never really covered Broadacre City, Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian dream, in depth. It is an example of what Charles Waldheim describes as Agrarian Urbanism.

Broadacre City offered American audiences the clearest crystallization of Wright's damning critique of the modern industrial city; it posited an indigenous organic model for North American settlement across an essentially boundless plain of cultivated landscape. Eschewing traditional European distinctions between city and countryside, Broadacre proposed a network of transportation and communication infrastructures, with the Jeffersonian grid as its principal ordering system.

It is a model that might well thrive in the era of the self-driving car, which may eliminate the drudgery of commuting. More on this subject:
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