A look at the airport of the future

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For years, we have been writing about George Monbiot's 2006 prediction that Flying is Dying.

If we want to stop the planet from cooking, we will simply have to stop traveling at the kind of speeds that planes permit.

Jim Kunstler chimed in.

The decline of cheap fuels will lead to the demise of the trucking system and commercial aviation. Forget about biodiesel, algae oil, and similar fantasies. They don’t scale up beyond the science-project level.

Now in 2014 we have a whole new world, awash in cheap oil, Climate denier James Inofe is about to be head of the Environment Committee in the States, Conservative governments from Australia to Canada are run by deniers, planes are being designed with giant screens and invisible walls, and giant new airports are being proposed for cities around the world. If flying is dying, it is making one hell of a grand exit.

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