From World's Drug Capital to Green Oasis: The Incredible Story of Medellin, Colombia

San Javier Library Park

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San Javier Library Park In Medellin, Colombia Photo
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There are parks in libraries and libraries in parks, but in Medellin the two have created a new kind of space that brings neighbors closer to culture. Since 2004, notable architects have built five of these library-parks in different parts of the city that are now used by some 7,500 people every day. According to official accounts, more than 300 cultural activities take place in these every month.

Designed by architect Javier Vera Londoño, the San Javier library pictured here is surrounded by over 12,000 sq. meters of park, and has over 110 computers with free internet access for the community. Respectful to its surroundings and adapted to the mountain it sits in, the building has an intimate connection with nature and boasts fruit and olive trees in its inner patios.

Photo: Medellin Public Works Office.