The Week in Pictures: Meat-Based Beverages, Holiday Gift Guides, and More

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At first glance it may look like a refreshing Bloody Mary, but the meaty beverage in the bottom left photo is actually a Cheeseburger cocktail -- and that's just a taste of what follows. Deer penis wine, anyone?

This week, we also have 10 Holiday Gift Guides (redefining luxury!); a glimpse at produce from the post-apocalyptic future; big trees that cut crime, and more in our roundup of the most popular stories from the world of green this week.

Thirsty for Bird's Nest Soda or Deer Penis Wine?

As everybody knows, one of the greatest pitfalls of living a carnivorous lifestyle has always been the limited selection of meat-based beverages available to consumers -- but that hasn't stopped folks from trying to come up with the perfect meaty drink.

Although the cup or glass is generally thought of as vegetarian stronghold on the dinner table, the notion of using animals to make refreshments isn't really that new at all. From cheeseburger cocktails to Peruvian frog juice, these beverages might just make you thirsty, or not.

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Cheeseburger cocktail. Photo: The NY Daily News

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