The Week in Pictures: Dengue Fever Hits Miami, Thanksgiving Meals, and More

Emma Grady

Emma Grady
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November 19, 2010

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Just another blood-sucking mosquito? Think again. Cases of Dengue Fever have hit Florida's Miami-Dade County and Key West.

In other shocking news this week, a Pennsylvania conservation officer was gunned down by a suspected poacher, Sandia has announced a breakthrough in nuclear fusion energy generation, and more in our photo roundup of the most popular stories from the world of green.

Dengue in the Keys

For the first time in half a century a person in Miami-Dade County, Florida has been diagnosed (and recovered from...) a case of dengue fever that had been acquired locally (Palm Beach Post). This follows 24 cases of locally-caught dengue being discovered in Key West over the summer.

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