The Week in Pictures: Can Someone Own the Sun? Could Sand Power the World? And More

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After what would appear to be a clerical oversight by the whole of humanity, the sun now belongs solely to a 49-year-old woman in Spain.

We've got the details on this story, plus the news that Toyota is recalling 650,000 hybrids, GM is set to hire 1,000 to develop electric vehicles, and more in The Week in Pictures.

One Hot Commodity

It's the source of energy that drives virtually all systems on Earth, making life itself possible on what would otherwise be a cold, inhospitable rock in the vastness of space -- the Sun.

Angeles Duran, ironically from the gloomy region of Galicia, has registered ownership of our closest star at her local notary office. But worry not, she's willing to share some of her sunshine with the world -- for a price.

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