The Week in Pictures: A T-Shirt Chair, New York Fashion Week, and More

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Before you toss that old raggedy t-shirt, maybe you should consider making it into a contemporary chair. That's the thought-process behind a chair made of T-shirts, winner of Sweden's 2011 Green Furniture Award.

We also have exclusive coverage of New York Fashion Week, a gorgeous electric Porsche, the end of drowning Plaster Paris statues in Bombay, and more in the Week in Pictures, our roundup of the best photos on TreeHugger this week.

"Rag Rug" Gets Upcycled to a T-Shirt Chair

The idea behind this chair by Maria Westerberg is that you use pieces of fabric to upholster the bent wire frame. You can customize the chair using textures and colors you like, but also pieces of old clothes or textiles that have a more emotional meaning to you.

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Photo: Maria Westerberg

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