Great, Green Back-to-School Gear for College Students

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dell latitude e4200 college photo
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Whether you're a first-year or only two semesters away from that hard-earned degree in your hands, packing for college is a lot more than a notebook and a new three-ring binder. But don't despair: Our back-to-school slideshow for college students is here to make all those buying decisions easier -- and greener -- with the smartest, hippest, and greenest school supplies, appliances, bikes, and laundry must-haves for an eco-friendly college experience. Plus, Find more college news at Green College Life.

Latitude E 4200 From Dell

Start with the slim Latitude E 4200 from Dell, which is Energy Star and EPEAT Gold certified -- and uses about half the power of other laptops. It also comes with an efficient LED screen and halogen-free motherboard, plastic pieces, and fan housings, so your student can focus on the assignment (and not the computer).
(Dell, from $1600)

Photo via Skatter Tech