From sea to sea: 11 of the most beautiful places I've traveled in Canada

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Lake Louise
credit: K Martinko -- Lake Louise, Alberta, is one of Canada's most famous sights.


I was very fortunate to spend every summer camping with my parents when I was a kid. Because they were self-employed, they would take off two to four weeks each year to travel; and because we didn’t have much money, camping was the way we did it.

By the time I left home at 18, I’d visited every province in my home country of Canada, always while sleeping in a tent. Getting to know my country so well, and from such a young age, has had a tremendous influence on shaping the person I am now. I hold a solid mental picture of Canada, stretching from sea to sea, that I’ve taken with me to other parts of the world.

My international travels, in turn, have made me realize how fortunate I am to live in a spectacular place where, by comparison to the rest of the world, the water and air are clean; there is minimal visible pollution and traffic; and wilderness can be found a short drive away.

Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary since Confederation this weekend, on July 1st. In honour of this milestone, I’d like to take you on a photographic tour of the most beautiful places I’ve been in Canada. Of course, there are countless more, but as I sift through my camping memories of the past three decades, these ones stand out most.

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