Photo of the Day: Venice, 1958

Lloyd Alter

Lloyd Alter (@lloydalter)
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November 7, 2012

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credit: Etta Speyer/ Unknown photographer

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I am arriving in Venice this morning (yes, I know, 1.24 tons of CO2) following in the footsteps of my grandmother, Etta Speyer, who did this trip in 1958. As humorist Robert Benchley noted in a famous telegram sent that same year to actor David Niven: STREETS FULL OF WATER. PLEASE ADVISE.

Right now Venice is going through the Acqua alta, where a combination of rain and high tides cause that water to be in a lot more places than just Benchley's streets. It also fills St. Marks Square and more. (See a great set of photos on Atlantic Cities here) Between the city sinking and the water rising, it's being squeezed from both ends.

I will try to take a photograph from the same spot so we can see how much it has changed in 54 years.