Photo of the Day: Koyo Hunting in Canada

1611 of 1612
Shoe Lake
credit: Shoe Lake, Dorset, Ontario / Lloyd Alter

Every Canadian Thanksgiving weekend I go up to Shoe Lake, near Dorset, Ontario to close up my cabin, or cottage as we call them, for the winter. Dorset, "The community with a view", has an old fire tower at the top of a high cliff that delivers a tremendous view of the surrounding lakes, and the town is crowded with Japanese Canadians who are koyo (colourful leaves) hunting:

Taking outings to appreciate the beauty of autumn has been a custom since the ancient collection of Manyoshu poetry was compiled in the eighth century, and there are scenes that involve "hunting" for beautiful autumn colors in the classical Heian Period novel "The Tale of the Genji."

It is a lovely idea; more of us should take the beauty of nature so seriously. I went in to town to take a photo of the leaves from the tower, but in the end the one I liked best was this, returning across the water to my cottage for the last time this year. For me, the combination of Koyo and cabin is particularly beautiful.

1611 of 1612

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