Kite skiing across Antarctica to break 3 world records, in stunning photos

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pole of inaccessibility
credit: Sebastian Copeland

Copeland and McNair-Landry started the Antarctica Legacy Crossing at the Novolazarevskaya Russian base station on November 5, 2011. Less than two months later, on December 27, they checked in at the Pole of Inaccessibility, more than 1,100 miles away.

The Pole is aptly named; as Copeland blogged on the day the pair reached it:

This marks a first in the history of polar exploration: until today, no team had succeeded in reaching the POI without assistance or motorized transportation. The farthest point from any coast, the POI is effectively the heart of Antarctica, and regarded as the most difficult spot to reach in complete autonomy. A bust of Lenin, and a communications tower is all that remains of the Soviet era base which has been buried by drifting snow since it was abandoned almost fifty years ago.

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