How to have an awesome international trip with little kids

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Barra beach
credit: K Martinko

Go for as long as possible

Most people think I’m crazy to be doing what I’m doing right now – travelling around Brazil for two months with a five- and three-year-old in tow. I’ve heard a broad range of comments from “I’d never do anything like that” to “I’d wait till my kids were a lot older” to “Are you nuts?!”

The hassle of travelling with kids certainly isn’t for everyone, but I knew when I first became a parent that I didn’t want to relinquish travelling entirely for the next fifteen or twenty years. I just had to find a way to make it happen that was fun, manageable, and affordable – and didn’t consist of cruises and resorts, which are not my idea of fun.

After several trips with our little ones, my husband and I have figured out what makes a trip go smoothly and what doesn’t. Here are some of our pointers for seeing the world without breaking the bank or losing one’s sanity.

It sounds counterintuitive, but there are major benefits to staying longer. If there’s a time change involved, then it allows kids to recover from jet lag and have some semblance of a normal schedule. You can find a longer term residence that's cheaper. You can stay in one spot, relax, and get to know it well, instead of hopping around from place to place.

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