10 offbeat rentals for a fairytale getaway

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credit: Airbnb

From Hobbit holes to treehouses, these unique Airbnb havens promise a storybook escape.

Sure you can book a room at a chain motel or cookie-cutter boutique hotel for your next vacation, but if you want to get away from the ordinary getaway, there are all kinds of truly unique accommodations waiting for adventurous guests. The following ones are all in North America and available through Airbnb; they are each wonderfully special in their own way, with prices starting at $114 per night. They are predominantly eco-friendly, and each one is ridiculously charming. All are situated in beautiful settings.

What more could you want from an escape? First up, a treehouse in a southern city.

1. Urban jungle treehouse: Atlanta, Georgia

Can't decide between the city or the sticks? This sublimely romantic treehouse offers both – a suite of three lovely rooms, secluded in the trees just minutes from downtown Atlanta. Note the hosts, "While you may hear the occasional siren, normal neighborhood noise or train whistle during your stay, the most common sound is that of silence broken only by birds, frogs and the wind in the trees."

Is it any wonder that this hidden gem was named in 2016 as Airbnb's "#1 most wish-listed property in the world"?

Secluded Intown Treehouse: Accommodates 2, $375 per night.

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