How to visit a fragile tourist spot

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Laguna Verde
credit: Disappearing World (used with permission)

A Disappearing World

Our world is in a constant state of flux, but never so much as now. While cities and civilizations used to take centuries, even millennia, to rise and fall, the pace has picked up in recent years due to climate change. Now many of the great wonders of the world – both natural and human-made – have disappeared already or are at risk of disappearing soon.

What does that mean for us, a generation of novelty-seeking, adventure-hungry tourists? Should we rush out to gaze one last time upon these stunning places that we’ve heard about and admired? Or should we stay away, understanding that our presence is part of the problem leading to their downfall?

Staysure, a British travel company, has put together an interesting collection of photos and first-hand accounts from travelers who have visited some of these at-risk places. Called Disappearing World, it features famous sites that have either already vanished, or are in the process of doing so. It urges travelers to consider more sustainable alternatives and how to have less of an impact. Here are some of the photos shown in the collection.

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