In Buffalo, a real human guide can show you a whole new city

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in city hall
credit: Lloyd Alter

When I mentioned to friends that I was planning a vacation in Buffalo, they looked at me like I was nuts. Here I am, in big cosmopolitan Toronto, what possibly would be the fun in that? However I learned in a visit for a conference last year that things are happening in this city just two hours away on the border between Canada and the US, and wanted to take some of my family to see. There is a lot happening in this former industrial powerhouse as it returns to some greatness; as I wrote last year, The real triumph of the city will be seen in Buffalo.

As the pre 9/11 mural shows, Buffalo is at a critical point between the US, maker of industrial goods, and Canada, hewer of wood and catcher of fish. The Frowning Fortress that is the American border now came later.

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