8 exotic places where you can live on a shoestring

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Have you ever dreamed of leaving the rat race and going off to explore the world? Most people assume such a move would be impossible unless they had saved up a lot of money, but the experts at Live and Invest Overseas (LIOS) take a different approach:

"Imagine your ideal lifestyle. Then look at the numbers in that context. Where will the budget you’ve got buy you the lifestyle you’re looking for?"

It's a radical thought -- that, by changing your surroundings, you could find an exciting, foreign place to live that's so cheap you barely need to work at all or worry about retirement savings.

Enter the 2017 Annual Overseas Retirement Index, created by the folks at LIOS, which compares destinations across 13 categories in order to determine the best places to live on a shoestring. The categories are cost of living, infrastructure, health care, residency, real estate affordability and restrictions, taxes, entertainment, recreation, crime, English spoken, environment, expat community, and climate.

The list shares some destinations with International Living's Annual Global Retirement Index, which we covered on TreeHugger earlier this year, but it also has some gems of its own. This list is also more specific, naming cities rather than countries as being ideal to live in. This is helpful at narrowing down one's options.

The monthly budget estimates come from an article in Forbes and include a two-bedroom apartment in a safe neighbourhood and living costs for a single person.

On that note, where would you love to go?

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