8 Awesome Airstream Hotels, From the California Desert to the French Pyrenees

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credit: Belrepayre. The Belrepayre Airstream and Retro Trailer Park.

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Crisscrossing the country by Airstream is a vision filed away in the minds of many a retro-romantic enthusiast. Open road, freedom, a silver capsule gleaming in the sun.

And then one thinks of the cost (cash-wise, resource-wise) and the sound of screeching breaks quickly halts the reverie.

Fortunately, a host of quirky hoteliers have taken the trailer fantasy and made it a possible, albeit stationary, reality. It’s true that the desert landscape and roadside attractions won’t be rolling by outside the window, but this verily sustainable alternative has its own set of selling points. They’re set in stunning locales, the trailers are restored with loving design, and they really are so green. They nix the need for new building materials, they’re gentler on the land than new construction, they promote the beauty of living in smaller spaces, and they take the gas-thirsty trailers off the road.

And…they’re just so cool. Here are eight favorites; "trailer park chic” at its best.