The Zen of treehouses: Japan's treehouse master Takashi Kobayashi

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Takashi Kobayashi / Treehouse People
credit: Takashi Kobayashi / Treehouse People

Nasu Tea Treehouse

From mirrored treetop structures to sailboat-inspired arboreal villas, there seems to be a bit of a renaissance in treehouse building around the world, with none as famous in Asia as the treehouses created by self-taught Japanese treehouse builder Takashi Kobayashi.

Kobayashi sees the future of a sustainable culture as one that lives with trees: in his 2008 book Treedom, Kobayashi boldly posits that there is a "treehouse culture" that's taking root all over the globe, something that seems quite possible in the light of all the fascinating treehouse projects that we've seen over the years.

Above: Nasu Tea Treehouse, built for Niki Club, 2011

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