Toybox Tiny Home is a riot of color and mid-century modernism

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I have complained about cutesy derivative tiny homes before and wondered, where is the good modern design? Where is the humor and sense of style? It's true that one of the strengths of the tiny house movement is that it is an example of what Bernard Rudofsky called Architecture without Architects, that expressed what the people designing them thought of as the definition of "home". As one commenter noted, "Most tiny homes look like, well, tiny "traditional" homes, because that's the psychology of it." or " If you build it as a long rectangle with a flat or shed roof, it looks like a mobile home or a camper."

And that's what we have with Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz's Toy Box Tiny Home; it is a whole different set of historical allusions, from mid-century modern to the fifties camper.

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