The Tiny House Movement used to be underground, in fallout shelters

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Duck and Cover

A few years ago we did a tongue-in-cheek look at an earlier tiny house movement during Cold War 1, when tiny houses were underground healthy homes that were designed to shield the occupants from pesky alpha particles, gamma rays and firestorms.

But in the light of current events, and the possibility of a CWII, it might be appropriate to take another look at tiny healthy underground homes.

Sixty years ago there was a very big tiny house movement, complete with tours and booth babes. Everyone from the Federal Government to Frank Lloyd Wright promoted the idea of suburban development (Lower density = fewer casualties) and individual action, building fallout shelters in those suburban backyards. As the second amendment notes, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State" needs to survive to be any use.

These days, it sometimes feels like a return to the cold war; perhaps underground tiny houses will be making a comeback. Then, the government promoted it with cartoons:

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