Tiny home renovation pushes every TreeHugger button

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credit: Carla Weinberg

There are a lot of things that we preach about green building at TreeHugger. It might be the idea of living in smaller spaces, downtown where the city is your living room, retrofitting and insulating rather than demolishing, minimalist design, lots of natural light and fresh air.

It almost never happens that I find it all in one place, in one home. But I did in Tom Knezic and Christine Lolley's little house in Toronto. It pushes every button. Or as Dave LeBlanc of the Globe and Mail noted, "an energy-sucking pig of a century-old home is now an energy-sipping, sustainable calling-card."

It's a dangerous thing, an architect renovating their own house; they have nobody to blame but themselves if it doesn't work out. But Tom and Christine have nothing to worry about here.

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