There's lots to learn from these small house plans from the '60s

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credit: Henry Fliess

Many of these houses were designed by young architects, who later went on to significant careers. Ioana Teodorescu wrote in Canadian Architect:

These house designs respected the latest building standards at the time and any architectural practice submitting a design had their name associated with the drawings. The CMHC paid architects a fee of $1,000 [ a lot of money back then] for every selected house design, plus royalties of $3 for every set of working drawings sold. For $10, a new homebuyer could buy a set of blueprints for a high-quality architect-designed home.

For example, this one is designed by the late Henry Fliess, who went on to become to design many remarkable modern houses in the Toronto suburb of Don Mills. Dave LeBlanc interviewed him for the Globe and Mail that he "designed [big mall] Sherway Gardens (phases one and two) with fellow architect James Murray, as well as the Village Square in Baltimore's Cross Keys Village for influential American developer James A. Rouse. He also created about 15 designs for home in Don Mills."

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