Let's go camping! A tour of trailers and RVs

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The KiraVan

Ah, summertime, when we want to hit the open road and go camping. We previously looked at little teardrop trailers, but now for something a little bigger and more comfortable -- perhaps like the KiraVan from Applied minds. The designer says he built this rig "to show my daughter seldom visited places of unspoiled natural beauty." Of course after this thing tromps over the seldom visited places, they won't be unspoiled.

The consensus in comments was "Why is this on TreeHugger?" and that the author should be fired. "This vehicle is not about communing with nature with your grandchildren. It's about showing the next generation how to, yet again, learn how to NOT be at one with nature."

But there are other trailers and RVs that are perhaps a bit more TreeHugger correct.

More: The KiraVan RV looks like it could go to the moon.

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