Let's go camping! A tour of teardrop trailers

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Isetta with teardrop
credit: Pinterest/ BMW Isetta with Teardrop Trailer

It's that time of year when people dream of hitting the road and going camping, if only the rain would stop and the mosquitoes would go away. We thought about doing a roundup of some of the different ways to camp that we have shown on TreeHugger over the years and found an astonishing number of posts, probably because of our continuing obsession with small spaces, and because some of the designs are so clever. For example, take the teardrop trailer.

According to one history, it was originally designed by Louis Rogers of Pasadena, California, as a "honeymoon house trailer." After the plans were published in in a 1940 issue of Popular Mechanics the public went nuts for them, because they were really light and easy to tow and the aerodynamic streamlined shape reduced drag and fuel consumption; you could even get one to tow behind a tiny Isetta.

"No one really knows how many 'teardrops' have been built by the 'do-it-yourself' crowd who purchased Mechanix Illustrated and other plans over the years. The design remains mighty popular around the world."

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