Let's go camping! In tense times you need tents

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moonlight tent
credit: The TentLab Moonlight Tent

I'm sorry, THIS is a tent. But it is also unusual in that it is one of the few tents on the market not treated with flame retardants.

Mike Cecot-Scherer of the TentLab pitched his tent to us recently, writing that his Moonlight tents were pretty much free of fire retardants -- no PBDEs and no fluorinated water repellency treatments (no PFOAs). PDBEs are endocrine disruptors and impair thyroid function. Mike tells us that these chemicals are not necessary.

Like all tents made with lightweight materials, the MoonLights are already quite fire safe. For starters (*ahem*), they're actually hard to set fire to in the first place. There are no fabric edges to light and if you do hold a flame against it until it burns, it self extinguishes almost the instant you take the flame away. There’s just not much fuel in lightweight fabrics. So the vast majority of backpacking tents made pose no fire danger to speak of AND NEVER HAVE.

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