Let's go camping! A look at the moveable feast

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credit: Grubhub

Not quite small and light enough for backpacking but perhaps OK for a canoe trip, the GrubHub fits an entire kitchen into the space of a wheelie bag. It even has a place to hang a light for cooking in the dark. The designer explains:

For years, we wasted too much time and effort juggling the usual hodge-podge of plastic totes and bags and bins hauled out to the campsite along with wobbly camping tables and other items. Sorting, packing and unpacking camping gear took up more time than actually riding bikes, rock climbing or fishing. And after setting up camp we still didn't have a sustainable system that made outdoor camp chores, often completed in the dark and in variable weather conditions easy. I knew there had to be a better way.

And so there is. More in TreeHugger: Lessons from camping equipment: The GrubHub

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